Saturday, July 2, 2011

7 Keys to Raise Your Frequency!


  1. look into the eyes of others & acknowledge your reciprocal humanity... plant something & watch it grow.... share what you have with others... read and/or write poetry... check out the sky; stars, moon, clouds, etc. & reconnect with the sense of awe you had as a child... make up your own spontaneous music instead of singing the stuff programmed into your head... forgive someone... roll down a hill, wade in a creek, get naked in nature... make up your own recipes... tap into your creativity... listen more, talk less... SMELL everything, rocks, dirt, leaves, water, your armpits, the grass, fruit, a baby... use all of your senses more consciously, spend time with kids... slow down... turn off the tv... get more real.

  2. How beautifully put Auntie Hattie! (sometimes I do forget that all this vibrant beauty still exists amongst all the crazy & dark agenda that is also co happening) nature is pure and abundant. It is our birth right! she is part of us and we her. Lose yourself in some nature today! love to you all out there xxx