Friday, August 19, 2011

The Quickening

This is a good film which, among other things, details some of Dr. Carl Calleman's consciousness table and the date October 28th 2011

The Quickening from keith wyatt on Vimeo.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kundalini Rising - Curse or Blessing? with Shaman Avalon Sakti

Kundalini Rising - Curse or Blessing? with Shaman Avalon Sakti

Much is spoken in New Age circles about Kundalini, aka the serpent power, the cosmic power that can bestow enlightenment, supernatural powers (siddhis) and transcendental bliss. There are even courses offered to raise your Kundalini. But think before you leap! Do you actually know what you are in for when your Kundalini begins to rise? What new age teachers do not tell you is that lack of proper preparation and knowledge can lead to the most traumatic experience thinkable and cause a multitude of problems, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, plus in most cases alienation from friends and loved ones, who fail to understand what is going on with you. Instead of experiencing transcendental bliss you may go through a dark night of the soul and feel as if cursed. This is increasingly true when a Kundalini awakening happens in a negative environment, such as in a polluted environment and a materialistic, mind controlled world, where being different is being frowned upon.

Join Christie Aphrodite from Truthbrigade Radio and Avalon Sakti, a shaman and Yoga Master who experienced a full Kundalini awakening in 2006 culminating in the cosmic experience in 2008, to learn more about Kundalini, its beauty and blessings and the pitfalls, which are best avoided.

Learn about the chakra system and how it is tied to your spiritual evolution, what can happen when you are not sufficiently prepared for an awakening, the side effects of Kundalini, both positive and negative, and how to alleviate any potential problems.

Avalon Sakti also gives advice on what to do if you experience the “dark night of the soul” which is a very difficult phase that spiritual seekers encounter and have to pass through on the path to bliss and liberation. Come join us for an enlightening evening!

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Orgone Devices

Because you've asked me to share some info here about my work I first have to state that Wilhelm Reich's work has nothing to do with mine except for the fact that orgone energy is the basis for all of it. The combination of organic and inorganic materials can be used to accumulate, cleanse, or even generate POR (positive orgone radiation). This is beneficial for all living organisms in all kinds of ways and this is one of the reasons it is, at the least, weird that Reich's work was burned by the state (US)and that he was jailed (where he also died). James DeMeo is the main man who has worked along the lines of Reich in a scientific way. There are also many people who have gotten involved with the so called "orgon!te". Many genuine people but even more scammers. One of the 'big' names here is Don Croft (genuine). Hans Karl Welz is another; he patented the name "Orgon!te", and sues people for using this name. That's one of the reasons I've never used that name; not out of fear of being sued but out of disliking the fact that when working with POR all these issues shouldn't have a place, at least in my views. I wish not to be affiliated with him at all. "Orgone devices" I call my creations and especially after having received a lot of positive feedback from customers who feel the positivity they create I'm very pleased with my work. I have a profile on Facebook about all this; Orgonized Orgonizer, here you'll find all kinds of info, photos, links, and videos on the history, the technical side, the materials, crystals, and energy in general. I hope this explains a bit.


Saturday, March 19, 2011

R3 Fit Lifestyle; Broccoli or Popcorn at the movies?

Tokyo Nuclear Power Plant: Natural Detox

The following is an article by Regina Meredith just posted on CMN following the emergency at the Tokyo Nuclear Power Plant.

Natural Detox

March 18, 2011

Tokyo Electric Power Company Managing Director Akio Komiri cried as he admitted that the nuclear disaster has been elevated to a level 5, the same severity as Three Mile Island, which means that radiation exposure leading to death has occurred. It brought tears to my eyes. I cannot imagine his pain and sense of failure in spite of the fact they have taken heroic measures to contain the situation. In response, I took a few moments to send him my deepest compassion. You may feel inclined to do the same.

Another report stated that low levels of radiation have already reached California from Japan. In anticipation of this, which has been downplayed in the mainstream media, the health food stores have been sold out of kelp and potassium iodide here for a few days. Fortunately, some of the stores are starting to get new orders in, which are selling out fast.

Meanwhile, many of the health journalists and experts are putting their lists together as to how we can protect ourselves from radiation exposure other than taking potassium iodide, which can have health consequences. I’m going to put a short list together for you.
I mentioned in an earlier blog (accompanied by an article) about Nagasaki survivors who ate a diet rich in Miso Soup. This contains natural immune system boosters that, they say, saved their lives. Their testimony stated they consumed between 1-3 cups of miso soup a day.

Another valuable supplement is organic sulfur, commonly known as MSM. A doctor I respect, who works with cancer patients, insists that they go on a two week course of MSM before he does any other protocols. The reason for this is that MSM softens the cells, which allows the cells to dump toxins. This is good thinking whether exposed to radiation or not. He insists the best type is in crystal form that dissolves in water. The supplier he and I use is NW Health Solutions. You can call Norman there at 1-888-345-6681. One pound, which lasts a long time, costs $11.50.

David Wolfe suggests the following at his website:
Ashwagandha, Chlorella, Spirulina, Zeolite, Fulvic Acid, Reishi Mushrooms, Kelp, Ginseng, Mega Hydrate, Coconut Oil, Coconut Cream

Greens in general help detox the body including chlorella and spirulina. There are many great affordable greens blends available.
Fresh juices help detox the body as has been well studied. Juicing is the backbone to cancer therapies such as is used at by Charlotte Gerson at the Gerson Institute.

And, if we wish to look beyond the physical, Tom Kenyon’s latest Hathor’s newsletter details how we can look to the enormous light within our own being and connect it to the physical for our protection. The article can be found at
While it will be a long while before anyone understands the long term effects of this nuclear disaster, it stands to reason that we should take precautions, particularly those of us on the west coast of the United States and Canada. Our friend Dr. Nick Begich told Alex Jones this morning that once the dust had settled at Chernobyl, it’s estimated that more than one million people have since died as a result of radiation exposure through radiation related cancers.

It is safe to say that a healthy immune system is always the best remedy to fend off any form of invader. If we can take small measures to care for our bodies, this is intelligent at any time. We don’t need to hoard or panic, simply get smart and respond appropriately. We might also want to extend this care to any loved ones who may not be paying attention and to our beloved pets.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Benjamin Fulford Puts It All On The Line

Japan and Consciousness Shifts on Robert Phoenix's FAR Radio

Hi everybody

this is Katie Gallanti i.e. Cosmic Perspective contributor. This is my first post here. Hello to you all.

I was on FAR Radio today with Robert Phoenix talking about Japan, consciousness shifts, my psychic astral experiences as a planetary energy worker, light dark esoteric issues, distortions of spiritual belief systems, etc. The show is two hours long, but you will find me as a guest in the last 75 minutes of the show. I am a regular guest on this show, so this may be like picking up on an ongoing conversation, but it may be useful to some of you. Much love Katie

Thursday, March 17, 2011

How important is Water with Dr Wayne Pickering

How important is Water with Dr Wayne Pickering

Our Special Guest is Dr. Wayne Pickering "THE AMBASSADOR for HEALTH" from Daytona Beach, Florida and this week his topic will be WATER

In this 6th of the series you'll discover:

1) How does the right kind of Water play a vital role in our Staying Well For Life.
2) How much is enough
3) What's the best kind to drink
4) When to drink it
5) What to drink when you are flying and how much
6) What about good Well Water
7) About pure clean Rain Water…is it?
8) Is Bottled Water all that good for you?
9) What about Spring Water?
10) How secure are Water Filters…are they really safe?
11) How about Boiling Water?
12) What does the American Journal of Public Health say about Chlorinated Water?
13) What about Mineral Water?
14) How do you know if you are drinking enough?
15) What kind of water do most physicians recommend those who have kidney stones?
16) Does Distilled Water cause Mineral Loss?

Part 2 here:,7262.0.html

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Proper Nutrition with Dr Wayne Pickering

Proper Nutrition with Dr Wayne Pickering Part 3

Our Special Guest is Dr. Wayne Pickering "THE AMBASSADOR for HEALTH" from Daytona Beach, Florida and this week his topic will be NUTRITION

In this 4th of our series you'll discover:

1. How Nutrition can Free You of Stress and Disease.
2. How to enhance your immune system to reduce heart disease & cancer.
3. How to enjoy the healthiest FAST FOOD while you eliminate the mass confusion about what's for Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner forever, savoring hassle-free eating as it should be! When you feel good, you do good!
4. Timeless SECRETS on how to Eat More … Weigh Less … Sleep Better … Be Energized and Feel Terrific in 27 days, GUARANTEED, with no notion of a lotion or a potion!
5. The best definition of nutrition in a nutshell?
6. The Real Truth about Micro Waving
7. How does Caffeine really work
8. Does Nutrition HEAL?
9. What exactly is GOOD Nutrition?
10. All about SUPPLEMENTS
11. What makes this information so much better than all the rest of what's being sold on the market today?

This amazing sound nutritional program can actually put you - very safely, quickly, and easily - into states of...
1. Deep stress release and relaxation
2. Super learning
3. Dramatically enhanced creativity
4. Laser-beam focus and concentration
5. Enhanced memory
6. Increased feelings of well-being

Part 1 here:,6109.0.html
Part 2 here:,7170.0.html
Part 4 here:,7248.0.html
Part 5 here:,7308.0.html

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Bruce Lipton - Biology of Perception

Bruce Lipton is a brilliant cellular biologist, whose inspiring work narrows the gap between science and spirit: proving that genetic determination is wrong (Darwin) and that we are not victims of our genes. He takes us well beyond the current materialistic world view.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Awaken, Mayan 2012.

There are NO victims only levels of is a great time of awakening, and then...RESPONSIBILITY to awaken the others!

The Truth about Psychiatry

The Conscience of Psychiatry with Dr Peter Breggin

Peter R. Breggin M.D. conducts a private practice of psychiatry in Ithaca, New York, where he treats adults, couples, and families with children. He also does consultations in the field of clinical psychopharmacology and often acts as a medical expert in criminal, malpractice and product liability suits. Before November 2002 he was in practice for nearly thirty-five years in Washington, DC and Bethesda, Maryland.

Many of Dr. Breggin’s accomplishments as a reformer are documented in detail in The Conscience of Psychiatry: The Reform Work of Peter R. Breggin, M.D. (2009). This biographical tribute to Dr. Breggin’s work draws on more than half-a-century of media and more than 70 special contributions from his colleagues, as well as many other sources.

Dr. Breggin's background includes Harvard College, Case Western Reserve Medical School, a one-year internship and a three-year residency in psychiatry, including a teaching fellowship at Harvard Medical School. After his training, he accepted a two-year staff appointment at the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH). He has taught at several universities, including a faculty appointment to the Johns Hopkins University Department of Counseling and most recently an appointment as Visiting Scholar at SUNY Oswego in the Department of Counseling and Psychological Services in 2007-2008.

Dr. Breggin is the founder and director emeritus of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology ( and the founding editor of the peer-reviewed journal, Ethical Human Psychology and Psychiatry. He is on the editorial board of several journals.

Click here for more info!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cleansing & Detoxifying the body mind & soul!

Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, None but ourselves can free our minds! -Bob Marley

Nutrition, what we put over our lips, is the best way to make conscious choices for a conscious world!

Love & blessings

Week 3 with G.I. Jane

Monday, February 14, 2011

50 Years in Prison for children refusing to Read!

(This is what sometimes happen when you break away from the programming...)

50 Years in Prison for children refusing to Read!

Yes, I know the title sounds crazy, but when you hear the rest of the story, it will get even more unbelievable, so brace yourself.

A little background:
I am a mother, a single mother of 2 beautiful children. I grew tired of the hustle and bustle of the city, the cost of living, lack of quality education available for my children and the general lack of safety in the city.
I gave birth to both my children in Salt Lake City, Utah. I lived there 8 years and after a separation I decided to move back to my home town which was San Diego in 2003. I thought being close to family would be good for my children since I was having such a hard time getting day care, and after one of my children being kidnapped by a distant "family member" in Oregon, and the other raped and sodomized by the son of a cop who was sleeping with the judge, it became a little hard to trust anyone with my children.

In San Diego, my mother would have babysat while I worked, went back to school and started another business. Eventually we were running the business out of my house, catering desserts for coffee shops, colleges, convenience stores and farmers markets. My children and I had a blast, although the hours were very long. I decided I needed to have a more regular income and a day off here and there, so I got a job managing a restaurant in Chula Vista, where I was Blessed to provide my recipes for the menu and still take part in my hands on love in feeding the people AND getting a regular paycheck.

In 2006, things got really bad for us with the border situation, my children were not learning in school and I had gone to a few assemblies where they were speaking spanish. My children didn't know this language, so I ended up having to fight the school to allow my children to also learn this language so they weren't "left behind" since they couldn't understand anything and clearly were not learning anything. One of my daughters was 2 grades behind. After butting heads and not making any progress and not being able to get them any help, other than me paying private tutors, help with family members and friends, the Sylvan center, etc, I started to become aware of the border situation and how it was affecting our lives. I went out to the border, took part in various protests and events, exposing lying politicians, murders, traffickers, more murderers, vandalizers, etc, but I didn't come in to serious danger until I exposed the sex trafficking ring in Mc Gonigle Canyon. Of course the main stream news will tell you it didn't happen and it was all in my head...right then I immediately became a "racist, delusional, prostitute, child abuser, druggie and every other name under the sun.

I guess I didn't understand how big these things were that I exposed. I just thought that any good person would do the right thing and try to save the little girls and educate people what was going on and who was doing it.

I was then public enemy number one. Everywhere I tried to go, there would be large groups of people trying to stop me from what I was doing, whether it was trying to video tape an event, or try to get a job, I was followed everywhere I went. I became a target by groups on both sides of the issue, as well as law enforcement. I don't want to go in the whole story here because you can read about them in my older blogs or click any of these links herein, but after a series of events, being poisoned, hit with laser weapons by the police on video, getting shot at at the border, raided, beat up multiple times in public, my house robbed, bank account broken in to, my car totaled in my driveway, becoming paralyzed and put in a wheelchair, and more I decided we were in a blatantly dangerous place and if we wanted to live, we must run and find a safe place. It was obvious law enforcement would not do a thing to protect us, but as soon as someone made a false report about me, I was guilty. There were groups of people led by Jeff Schwilk, Celeste Cortes and Jim Stach who would tell all their followers to call CPS or call the fbi or the atf...they tried to make me out to be the dangerous people that they are, which was why I was trying to run away from them! It became clear that they were working WITH law enforcement and it was their job to commit crimes, like the canyon vandalism, trafficking, violence and harassment to insight their targets into violence or something illegal so they could take them out.

After the police being sent to my door another time in San Diego, this time burning me with their handy dandy little laser blinding device while I was still unable to walk, we were able to get things together and take off 10 days later...

We had no idea where we were going, we just knew we needed something affordable in hopefully a small town where there was no border corruption and such nonsense we were forced to deal with in San Diego.
We wanted a place with clean well water, room to grow a garden and become more self sufficient and home school. And that we did...

We ended up in the bible belt, which I actually thought would be a good thing, right? I mean who doesn't want to be around a bunch of people just like Jesus especially after barely escaping something so horrendous? So my first job here was to go around to all the business owners in Branson, MO and talk to them about guess what? Right, politics and immigration! LMAO That being the topic, sometimes the conversations would last hours. They would tell me everything that was going on here in the theatres, hotels, the girls they were bringing in from all over the world. Then I met an ex cop who was fired for investigating the dead bodies in the landing. I was told that they can't investigate things like that because they know who's doing it and because all the towns revenue was made by tourism, so they ahd to keep things like that out of they paper. Then I met some of the women that were trafficked here. It became painfully clear that I ended up exactly where I thought I ran from.

My first instinct was to interview them on video and expose the ring here, then I quickly reminded myself why we were here. I decided to not get involved yet, because we moved here to protect my children, heal and hopefully never let these sex traffickers ever find us again! In fact we kind of hibernated, hid and felt fear in going out in to the public to make friends because we knew we were just a phone call away. The stalkers were still calling everyone they could to try to find me and had stated that they were going to kill me and my children multiple times and reached out to their networks to find me.
As it turns out, we were a phone call away...many phone calls away...

While my stalkers were still trying to do whatever they could to destroy our reputation online
, they were still making repeated calls to law enforcement and posting bulletins on their websites and shows asking people to come find me. Several times, Jim Stach posted my address online and sent his "militia" after me....interestingly the same one he accuses me of being part of.

I want to state for the record, I never have been p-art of any militia! In fact the only so called militia people I have come across are these big strong men stalking me!!!

As it turns out, these stalkers made friends with my ex family and my neighbors and reportedly other people in the area...

Our neighbors, the Bayer family were at the helm of continuing the torture and harassment.

When we first met them, I did what I do for everyone, give them home made cookies, breads, fresh garden vegetables, home cooked meals, herbs, oils and basically anything they needed. I was happy that there were children around here in the country for my children to play with.

After a series of happenings, lies, thefts and damage with no responsibility, I made the decision that this family was off limits! They would destroy my garden, slash my tires, damage the landlords vehicle, break in to our house and several others in the area, steal my childrens books, games, ipods, etc...
But, because they were the only children in the area, my thought that any "friend" was better than no friends.
They started to sneak out to play with them when they told me they were taking the dog for a walk. They snuck out with them a couple times while I was on my show.

My preteen was experiencing basically what any other preteen would experience and started to rebel and sometimes violently and physically. Our first year and a half out here, walking was still very hard for me. I would sit in a heating vibrating chair most of the time, till I learned the heat could have been contributing to the swelling and pain. This was the first week of March 2009. I threw out the heat, got rid of that chair and then the swelling and pain started to diminish...

Up until that point where I physically was unable to control a flailing out of control SheRa, I would sometimes ask for help from my neighbor, who moved out here specifically to help us since I was unable to walk at the time and to hopefully help protect us from these stalkers looking for us.

Well now, we are both on trial for abusing and neglecting my children.

On April 12, 2010, sheriff deputy Darin Carter came to my door with Emily Nichols from CPS. I was on my show, so during the break I went downstairs to talk to them since I could see them open my gate and come in my screen door from here where I am sitting now. I asked what I could help them with and they said they needed to talk to me. I said, okay, but I'm on my show right now, I'll be outside soon. Darin Carter deicded that was not the response he wanted, so he proceeded to walk into my house, grab me, step on my right foot and smack my head into my chest as he kicked me in the back of my left knee. At this point my children were screaming and crying, begging for help. 2 of the (good) neighbors came over to witness what was going on and try to make sense of it, since we still had no idea why they were there. They had no warrant, no charges, no victim, obviously no crime being committed, but they were determined to take my children away.

They ended up taking all of us to jail. They got an arrest warrant and made up some charges the next day. I was there for 3 days and while behind bars, SPLC and my stalkers were first on the scene to discredit and slander me all over the news...
The first story was that I tied up my children and locked them out in the woods...

Let me back track a little here...

April 10 was a Saturday, my children and I were planning on having a nice spring day and perhaps going somewhere to swim or something fun. I had a little work to do on the computer so I asked them to get their reading done then we would figure out where we were going to go.
We home schooled so their work was flexible, but one thing they had to do was log their hours and read a certain number of hours. That was not negotiable!!!

Of course, the Bayers had told them on a few weekend where they wanted to play with my children that reading on the weekend, or in the summer was "child abuse."

At this point in time, my children were learning to manipulate me and if I asked them to read or clean their room they would throw in my face, "they said it was child abuse!"

I was now no longer to discipline my children. But there were times I told them I would call CPS or the police if they weren't going to do their work. I mean really, what else can a parent do when your children refuse? I wasn't going to hit them or hurt them and I had to way to lock them in their room, so now what? I would ask them to go or stay in their room, but I was not physically able to make them do so...

They didn't want to read because it was a beautiful day outside and their "friends" wanted to play. I was doing my best to try to get away from them and move on with my day, in hopes that they would do their work and we could go have some fun. I went upstairs, they were quiet for a while, then I went downstairs to get some juice and my babies were kind of egging me on. I was on the phone and wanted them to leave me alone and do their reading, so we exchanged a few harsh words. They followed me around for a while pestering me, being little kids (lol) as I was on the phone and went back upstairs. A few minutes later I heard the door open. I went downstairs again to see what they were trying to do. They had their backpacks packed and told me they were leaving because they didn't have to listen to me. I said, "Okay, have a good day! See you soon!"

They went out side, played around, did the typical things children do and I figured they would be back when the sun went down. It was about 3 pm when they left, so not too much time to wait, then we could work this out and maybe I can explain to them once again why they have to read and why they have to finish their school work.

Then one of my neighbors took them out to dinner...and while he claimed good intent, I was not happy as he did not ask my permission and I found out after the fact when I saw his car leave. I did not see my children outside after that, so I called him and asked what he was doing. That's when I found out he took MY CHILDREN out to eat without my permission or consent while dinner on our table waiting for them. Gee, thanks neighbor! I wanted to report him to the sheriff because to me it was kidnapping, but I already had experience in them not doing a thing about the death threats, the harassment, the damage to our place. Could that have been due to the fact that Robert Bayer works for the county? Maybe that's why when they made the call they were out here in no time, without questions?

Needless to say, that phone call didn't end well. I explained to him that these were MY children and their food was on the table. Him taking them out to dinner like that without talking to me was like enabling them to "run away" or give them some false empowerment so they felt they didn't have to go home to eat and listen to mommy who's going to make them read and do their school work.

When they got back, they went to the other neighbors house, the Bayers...they did not come home that night. It was really hard, but what can I do? I consulted with many of my friends that are parents, and some that are not for advice on how to proceed. I chose the hands off approach and figured I would let them get over their anger and come home when they are hungry. I mean I knew where they were, 30 feel away. It wasn't the end of the world...

We spent the night outside here camping all the time, so I figured let them sow their wild oats and they will be back inside for breakfast. The doors remained OPEN, but they chose to stay outside, although they did come in and out of the house several times. They were trying to hide and play cute and I pretended I didn't see them when they were in the house, so they could play their game and we could finally make some progress on their little rebellion.

I physically saw and spoke at them a few times while they ran back and forth from neighbor to neighbor, but I was not about to go over to the Bayers house because I was in fear of them. There were many reasons like their drug and alcohols habits, their violence, in fact they have killed 8 animals that they brought home and abandoned the rest after they kicked the crap pout of them or beat each other with brooms. I already knew they were in contact with my stalkers because they made that evident months ago when they woke us up early one Sunday morning screaming all these crazy things through our window...teasing my children with some other bullies...
My children were heart broken, so any time they were nice to them, they fell for their game. They would call them names and crazy, but then my children would forgive them because they were in need of having "friends" their age. They thought that anyone their age was automatically their "friend." Even though these "friends" tried to blame one of their burglaries on my children, then when that didn't work, they actually told the landlord it was me!!! LOL

Getting back to that day...everything was fine. I was watching them and they were watching me, but they didn't want to budge and neither was I. They wanted me to tell them that they didn't have to do their school work and that they were allowed to play with the Bayers. My home, my rules, period. It is MY responsibility to guide my children out of trouble, not sit back and let them do whatever they want just because the neighbors are doing it. I mean these kids were involved in sex, drugs and rock and roll! My children were innocent and it was my job to protect them! They were NOT allowed to play with the Bayers while they were living under my roof and they WERE going to read and log their school hours.

This is where the calls from Carissa Bayer and some stalkers out of state without investigation, without a sworn affidavit, reasonable cause, warrant, indictment or anything resembling DUE PROCESS, they came to my door, kidnapped my children and took me to jail. The didn't even tell me why till several hours later sitting in the car handcuffed and my daughter ran over to me to open the door and kiss and hug me...the greatest hug I've ever had and will not soon forget. Emily told me I had locked them out and tied them up.

Funny how she later testified in family court that she never said that, she never reported or even heard that and the documents I got from the court with their letter head and her name were not written by her!

I am now facing 50 years. The charged me initially with 5 felonies, 2 for abuse, 2 for neglect and 1 for resisting arrest! Funny how getting beat up by a cop in your home is now called resisting arrest.

Then about a month later, they filed 2 more abuse charges (all the same code), and changed their previous allegations where they said I tied them up and locked them out in the woods to me locking the IN. They also changed the dates from saying oh, "it wasn't that weekend (April 2010), you did this 15 months ago!!!" Meaning they are referring to the time when I asked for help with my children back in 2008! Hmmmm.....well if what happened was such a crime, why did they wait 15 months to come to my house...?

On the family court documents, they turned me in to me being "anti government", and home schooling became no schooling and me refusing compulsory school attendance, amounting to educational neglect, and us growing our own food and medicine and not taking their drugs, vaccines or fluoride turned in to medical neglect.

So they are charging me with 7 felonies now. You can see all the charges and codes here.

Of course no due process in the family court and they had already testified there was no abuse and can even clearly see on their own paper work in their intake report, yet Judge Justus sent my children out of state anyway and this coming month are planning on transferring custody to 2 different states because in their words, "they achieved their goal of reuniting them with A parent." Funny, the ones that forgot they had children the past decade.

They appointed attorney Reidar Hammond to defend me and while I met him in jail, he seemed very cool and smart and on the ball, being that the first thing he told me was that when he skimmed over my case, it all looked like bullshit. So, I decided to trust him, that he would do the right thing, prepare a case and defend me since that was his job and I wasn't about to go quit my show and my whole life to go learn the corrupt laws all of a sudden. I figured it was a step in fight for me...learning to trust someone in this horrendous system that has already tortured us so bad.

That turned out to be a mistake. He never called me back even once and the one phone appointment we had was October 6, one day before I was supposed to be on trial on October 7. He informed me that they were separating the charges and that day he would ask they be put together so we can answer them all in one day. When I saw him in court each time, he would always say hi and be friendly, I would always give him bread or some kind of homemade teat, but we NEVER talked about the case! Not even once! He would tell me to call him and that I did, dozens of times!

It wasn't until the new year here where I realized...hmmmm....he's really not going to call me back, is he? LOL

So when I returned from my house sitting adventure in January, I filed a motion to have him removed and allow me to proceed. I filed motions to reset and for discovery, but have yet to hear a response. My understanding was that they have 10 days to respond and to date, one month later with a trial scheduled on Valentines day, I have had no response.

So not only no due process from the start, no communication from the court or lawyer defending me, I am supposed to walk in to trial on Feb 14, 2011 and either successfully explain why I cannot receive a fair trial and point out many of their crimes they committed against me from the time they entered my life, o walk in to the lions den and they will proceed just as they have the past 10 months and lock me up where they want me.

Even though I have never been able to answer to these charges to anyone, and in the family court the original charges they stated, they all of a sudden redacted and said they didn't write those reports, yet they sent my children away anyway!!!

They sent them out of state in August 2010 and it has been 6 months since any communication. The court ordered supervised phone contact with a therapist, but that has been close to impossible. For some reason every time they find a therapist, get them approved, etc they all of a sudden run away and disappear within a few days of when we are scheduled to make contact with one daughter.

(EDIT) One bright thing was that I was finally able to speak with one daughter just yesterday, Feb 11 for the very first time in 6 months.

The lawyer they appointed in the family case was not appointed to me until August AFTER they sent my children away and the first time he spoke with me was December 28, 2010...the last being Jan 31, 2011 which is the same day he also filed to be removed from the case. Well, good riddance, he did nothing anyway, other than try to discourage me and try to explain and get me to accept that "allegations are evidence" and there is nothing I can do. Kind of interesting that Dave Collignon is the prosecutor for a neighboring city. You would think that he knew the difference between allegations and evidence...

So here I am, facing 50 years on Monday, my children are gone and according to them there is nothing I can do. 10 months later and still haven't even spoken to anyone about these charges, none of their counsel explained anything to me and when I decided to start filing motions for myself, everyone ignored me! LOL

So I guess we will see how judge Orr handles this in Taney County, Monday, February 14, 2011. Happy Valentines day to me!!!

If you are as fed up with these actions as I am, please feel free to contact this court and sheriff's dept, even the CPS workers and supervisors and let them know you are watching! That is the only hope we have. They need to know they are not doing this unnoticed!

The names and addresses are here.

You can also hear numerous radio shows I have talked about this on extensively.

I appreciate any help or assistance getting the word about about this abuse by the State of Missouri against me and my beautiful family.

This is what they looked like before they stole my children and put them in Boys and Girls Town...

This is what they looked like after:

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Raw Food Recipes and instruction coming soon!!

Tatjs Cookies will have a video available soon for all things yummy and raw. Open up your senses and get ready to enjoy life! Its all downhill from here!

Quick raw dressing for quinoa or salad:
peeled garlic about 4 cloves
a two by one inch of fresh ginger peeled and cut
one small lemon juiced
pinch or more of some good salt
half teaspoon honey(optional)

cover with water and blend until creamy
add cold pressed olive oil- about one cup
while still blending
-any questions let me know!

Sunday, February 6, 2011