Friday, July 13, 2012

How is our Culture Killing us?

Do Wearing Bras cause cancer?  Killer Culture with Sydney Ross Singer on Soul Journeys Radio

Killer Culture with Sydney Singer - Bras and Cancer Link

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Sydney Ross Singer is a medical anthropologist, the author of several groundbreaking and controversial health books, and the director of the Institute for the Study of Culturogenic Disease, located in Hawaii. He is internationally recognized for his revolutionary and shocking research linking breast cancer with the wearing of tight bras, which he describes in his book, Dressed To Kill.

Trained in biochemistry, anthropology and medicine, Sydney is pioneering a new field of health research, called Applied Medical Anthropology, shedding light on the many ways our culture is making us sick. Since his work often challenges industries that promote or profit from damaging lifestyles, much of his research has been suppressed and censored, especially by the medical industry.

The hallmark of Sydney's work is that it empowers people to take responsibility for their own health by understanding how their attitudes and behaviors are leading to disease. This enables people to eliminate the harmful lifestyle causes of their problems, giving their bodies a chance to finally heal.

To discover for themselves, on themselves, which lifestyles are causing problems, Sydney recommends personal lifestyle experiments, called Self Studies. Since most health problems are culture caused, this approach is extremely effective, especially for chronic diseases. It addresses the cause and not just the symptoms.

In addition to the link between breast cancer and bras, research at the Institute has discovered the cultural causes of migraines, Alzheimer's, stroke, sleep apnea, glaucoma, thyroid disease, obesity, diabetes, and more. Amazingly, these problems may be prevented, and cured, at no cost by simply altering one's lifestyle. The problem is that people are so conditioned to living the way the culture has taught them that they have no idea of what they are doing to themselves.

To assist people in discovering the cultural causes of their personal health issues, Sydney and his wife and co-researcher, Soma Grismaijer, provide an “out of culture” experience on their 70-acre Hawaiian rainforest preserve, which is also a self-sufficient, sustainable, inter-species community. Here people can leave their cultural assumptions and behaviors behind and experience simple, healthy, back to nature living and the renewed health and vitality that comes with it.

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