Thursday, March 31, 2011

Kundalini Rising - Curse or Blessing? with Shaman Avalon Sakti

Kundalini Rising - Curse or Blessing? with Shaman Avalon Sakti

Much is spoken in New Age circles about Kundalini, aka the serpent power, the cosmic power that can bestow enlightenment, supernatural powers (siddhis) and transcendental bliss. There are even courses offered to raise your Kundalini. But think before you leap! Do you actually know what you are in for when your Kundalini begins to rise? What new age teachers do not tell you is that lack of proper preparation and knowledge can lead to the most traumatic experience thinkable and cause a multitude of problems, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual, plus in most cases alienation from friends and loved ones, who fail to understand what is going on with you. Instead of experiencing transcendental bliss you may go through a dark night of the soul and feel as if cursed. This is increasingly true when a Kundalini awakening happens in a negative environment, such as in a polluted environment and a materialistic, mind controlled world, where being different is being frowned upon.

Join Christie Aphrodite from Truthbrigade Radio and Avalon Sakti, a shaman and Yoga Master who experienced a full Kundalini awakening in 2006 culminating in the cosmic experience in 2008, to learn more about Kundalini, its beauty and blessings and the pitfalls, which are best avoided.

Learn about the chakra system and how it is tied to your spiritual evolution, what can happen when you are not sufficiently prepared for an awakening, the side effects of Kundalini, both positive and negative, and how to alleviate any potential problems.

Avalon Sakti also gives advice on what to do if you experience the “dark night of the soul” which is a very difficult phase that spiritual seekers encounter and have to pass through on the path to bliss and liberation. Come join us for an enlightening evening!

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