Sunday, March 27, 2011

Orgone Devices

Because you've asked me to share some info here about my work I first have to state that Wilhelm Reich's work has nothing to do with mine except for the fact that orgone energy is the basis for all of it. The combination of organic and inorganic materials can be used to accumulate, cleanse, or even generate POR (positive orgone radiation). This is beneficial for all living organisms in all kinds of ways and this is one of the reasons it is, at the least, weird that Reich's work was burned by the state (US)and that he was jailed (where he also died). James DeMeo is the main man who has worked along the lines of Reich in a scientific way. There are also many people who have gotten involved with the so called "orgon!te". Many genuine people but even more scammers. One of the 'big' names here is Don Croft (genuine). Hans Karl Welz is another; he patented the name "Orgon!te", and sues people for using this name. That's one of the reasons I've never used that name; not out of fear of being sued but out of disliking the fact that when working with POR all these issues shouldn't have a place, at least in my views. I wish not to be affiliated with him at all. "Orgone devices" I call my creations and especially after having received a lot of positive feedback from customers who feel the positivity they create I'm very pleased with my work. I have a profile on Facebook about all this; Orgonized Orgonizer, here you'll find all kinds of info, photos, links, and videos on the history, the technical side, the materials, crystals, and energy in general. I hope this explains a bit.